Doing Your Part to Keep the Environment Clean

Bringing your empties in to Country Hills Bottle Depot not only helps keep them out of landfills and contribute to a cleaner, safer Calgary, but can also be financially rewarding as well! Beverage containers in Alberta have a refundable deposit. And bottle drive refunds contribute to a variety of great not-for-profit charities like the Alberta Cans for Kids initiative.

Recycling Facts

There are many reasons why recycling is the way to go!

  • Environment Canada states 25% of Canada’s methane emissions come from landfills. In 2013, Albertans saved more than 715 million kilowatts of energy by keeping 2 billion beverage containers out of our landfills.
  • Our province’s annual return rate goal is 85%. In 2013, our return rate was 81.8%. If everyone had returned just 19 more containers each, we would have reached our goal!
  • Remember to recycle at work! If 10 employees each consumed one beverage a day and recycled the container, that would add up to 2,600 containers in a year. That means $260 in deposit refunds, plus a savings of nearly 1000 kilowatts of energy and more than 130 kg of landfill space.

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